Our Story


Real Oaxaca Mezcal born from the passion of sharing with the world the magic and cultural richness of Oaxaca. An important and enjoyable part of Oaxacan culture for many centuries is the drinking of Mezcal.

Real de Oaxaca Mezcal is produced using traditional methods that have been handed down by the family that has been making it for generations. Mezcal is a mystical elixir, but its production is not magic but involves a lot of effort for a community. Real de Oaxaca respect and believe in the traditional ways to create what has been called “elixir of the Gods”. Our artisans in the villages of Oaxaca still use the same traditional method of roasting agave in underground wood-fired pits, and distilling in small-batch, copper pot stills.

Real de Oaxaca wants to share this marvelous product out of the villages of Oaxaca and captivate the world stage. We recommend trying Mezcal by sipping it, but you can enjoy it in mixed drinks as well.