What is Mezcal?

There are so many fascinating stories about the creation of Mezcal, but one thing is for sure Mezcal has been  always important for the  economy and the culture of the people  of Mexico.  The word Mezcal is composed of the Nahuatl metl, which means maguey and ixcalli, wich refers to the conical oven where the agaves are cooked. So we might not know exactly how was created but we are proudly part of the original mezcaleros. Our Mezcal is produced in  Santiago Matalan known as the World Capital of Mezcal. As a fourth generation of producers we have been involved on the transformation and growth  of the industry and we are truly to our traditions, so it's very important for us to keep the quality and flavors on each bottle, but since the agave plant it's so widespread, the taste can vary wildly from bottle to bottle, that's why our customers are always exited to open the next bottle!!

This  tradition has  been in Real de Oaxaca family for many generations, this is our legacy and we are thrilled that we can share it now with the world.  

But what is Mezcal? Traditionally refers to all spirits distilled from agave plant, and has been in Mexico at least since the Spanish conquest. Mezcal production has denomination of origin since 1994 associated with a certain geographical area, but Oaxaca has always been known for been the top producer of Mezcal producing about 90 percent of the world's supply.

Once you deep into the Mezcal traditions you will no longer wonder the difference between Mezcal and Tequila. Tequila is a type of Mezcal since any spirit made from agave is classified as such, but Mezcal is not only smoky, it taste a little charred for the way that is produced, but also some floral, fruity and earthy  notes.  its nearly 200 types of the plant and can be made from more than 30 of them, while tequila can only come from blue agave.

Real Oaxaca inspiration and tradition that prides itself on bringing to you Mezcal 100% agave, 100% organic and 100% authentic.

Real de Oaxaca conveniently has a large Restaurant and Tasting Room with live entertainment, where you can grab a bite and sip Mezcal and of course our signature cocktails. Our Plaza Mexico location  invites you to roam into the traditions of Oaxaca!!

Real De Oaxaca Mezcal comes in the most popular varieties Silver and Reposado.

Mezcal Real De Oaxaca Silver (Joven) is produced from agave Espadin which is one of the most prevalent species of the plant. But, wait don't think this makes it less interesting. Mezcal Real de Oaxaca Silver starts with hand selected agave roasted in a conical stone oven, tahona milled and fermented in wooden vats. Distilled in a small copper pots and is individually bottles and numbered because each one is from a unique batch. This mezcal is smoky, but with a smooth taste with a sweet flavor and pleasant to smell.

Mezcal Real De Oaxaca Reposado Produced and bottled in Santiago Matatlan Oaxaca, its true to its tradition and it’s not diluted by industrial process it’s made 100% artisanal. Aged for 6 years in  oak barrels, this aged mezcal has an intensely smoky butterscotch and candle aroma on the nose displaying a weighty character with tar, some heat to it with forest floor aromas and pine on the palate. Very mineral and dry on the finish. Ready to be sipped and savored.